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2016-07-19 11:49 pm

The This I Believe Essay - and Albert's Response

 A while ago [oh, a month or so ago] I had posted an essay on my Blogspot that contained my This I Believe Essay - contained below.
 For as long as I could remember, I’ve loved music - rock more than anything else. My favorite band that I enjoy listening to their music is The Strokes. I’ve also listened to the members’ side projects: Julian Casablancas with both his solo and Voidz work, and Albert Hammond, Jr., with his solo work. For whatever reason, I have become hyperfixated solely on what Albert does. After cultivating it in my mind over many months, I finally found out what it was - his simple existence was what saved me from killing myself multiple times.
 It all came to me on September 16, 2015, just 5 days after my birthday. Albert had a concert in Detroit that night. Because I was early, I got very close to the stage. I was so close that I could even reach out and touch him, if I so desired.
 It was between Touché and GfC that I grew the balls to step ever so slightly forward to say that it was my birthday. “It’s my birthday, Albert!” I shouted over the cheering crowd.
 And he heard it.
 I raised my hand when he asked who had uttered the four magical words to him.
 And he saw it.
 The brief moment of eye contact that we shared was a moment that had changed me as a person. In that single moment we were one - I was Albert, and Albert was me.
 For the rest of the night, I was in complete shock. Songs flew by me, and each one I knew I sung along. Before I knew it, the final drum beat of “Drunched in Crumbs” echoed throughout the intimate venue.
 I hold on to that memory dearly. Every time I go back to that dusty September evening, my mood rises and I instantly feel better. Memories like that have saved me many times. Times when I wanted nothing to do with the world, times when I wanted to lie in bed all day, times when I wanted to give up, times when I wanted to die. Every time I get those thoughts, my mind snakes back to the late September evening. Every time my mood slowly gets better. Every time Albert, in one way or another, saves me from relapsing and saves me from death.
 Music is a powerful tool. As I have experienced, it can save people. Music can evoke emotions. Music can carry important messages. Sometimes, it is just downright silly. Any way music is delivered, it can be used for good. Many people rely on music to get them through the day, and many people rely on it for background noise, and many rely on it to help them focus.
 The people behind the music are even more powerful than the products they produce. Fans of the band can form deep emotional bonds to cope with day-to-day life. Fans can use their imagination, creating fan works and having fantastical dreams about meeting their favorite band members to help alleviate illnesses and stresses that they may be having. Without music in their lives, some people may struggle to keep dragging on in their lives. Some people may not even be alive today if it weren’t for the saving grace that was their favorite band - or their favorite song - that helped them and gave them hope in a hopeless world.
 Music has helped many people in the time it has existed, from the lowly unpopular fan - like me - to the multi-million-record-selling rock star who tours the globe and has many, many fans - not unlike Albert. Music can save lives, and the people behind the music help reinforce the driving power of the lyrics and the heart-pounding beats of the instrumental. That is what I believe.
I posted a link to the essay on my Twitter account, tagging Albert in the post before turning in for the night. I woke up the next morning, not expecting anything to happen.

Boy, was I wrong.

I unlocked my phone and noticed that my Twitter had blown up with notifications. I opened up the app and scrolled to the bottom of the notification stack, expecting nothing special to happen - nothing out of the blue to happen.

Boy, was I wrong.

The very first notification was a notification of my tweet being quoted [retweeted with a reply] by no one other than Albert.

Albert's tweet, reading "Keep venturing into the unknown/it's beautiful however insufferable it can feel at times."
I was completely in shock.

Him reading my essay was what had elated my mood and set my general feeling at an all-time high of happiness during finals. 

First, he had said happy birthday to me when I had saw him in concert last September. Second, he read [and replied to] my essay I wrote. Let's just hope the next step is meeting him.